"Bruno is a highly skilled and incredible Filmmaker. I have seen his impressive work as a Producer and also know his talents beyond that. Unlike most, he has command over different aspects of filmmaking including the complete handling of making documentaries and also building sets...the latter which I had the privilege to have him do for our film "HEAL". As a human being, it is rare to come across a person with such integrity and professionalism. If he takes up a project, he will not compromise on any aspect and will commit himself completely to deliver the best product possible. Bruno will not shy away from something that he strongly believes in and this is what gives him a unique voice to share with the world. Filmmaker extraordinaire."
-- Mean Adnan Ahmad, MFA, award winning director

"Bruno is a great producer/director. He is well respected in our film community and continues to put out excellent work."
-- founder of The Indie Gathering Int. Film Festival

"Bruno is the complete positive opposite of the common stereotype that many college professors convey. Many professors carry the "It's all about ME" mentality.  Instead, Bruno encourages his students and colleagues to approach filmmaking and the specific positions within with an open mind. He usually carries a very unique style in his filmmaking. His "ME" is carried out through his visions for films. I did not have an opportunity to have any instruction under him at Cuyahoga Community College, but I have seen classroom snippets and heard various things about his teachings from current/past students. He wants to help students succeed in the areas of filmmaking that they find a niche in. Therefore, it's evident that Bruno is a team player.  He enjoys watching others succeed. I believe the best teachers are those who want to help others with their personal improvement by way of making films, offering advice, and being a good role model. Bruno is a great guy to be around, very comical, and I hope to work with him again in the future. My job as Director of Photography on his Summer 2013 motion picture was made much easier because of his passion for filmmaking and want to collaborate and share ideas, allowing me to use my creative freedom as a motion photographer."
-- Ryan Atkins, cinematographer

"Bruno has a quality which inspires.  I had him for two of my very first production classes and he gave me the courage to go forward with this crazy careers.  He promotes passion, creativity, and hard work.  In his classes he stresses story and gives insight to how the industry works. However, what makes him really stand out is his belief in his students.  I've never heard him say, "you can't."  Every student who has a dream is encouraged. Bruno does his utmost to encourage them and point them in the right direction."
-- Giorgi Lascu, producer at Old Coal Pictures

"B. R. is a brilliant filmmaker and producer and it was a pleasure and honor to work with him on his film "Dying 2 Meet U." Tatalovic is the kind of producer/director who thinks outside the box and works toward his vision."
-- Chris Arthur, audio/video specialist

"Bruno is one on the most capable and honorable men I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. As a writer, he's a visionary; as a producer, he's a leader; and as friend, he's loyal. If you find so lucky as to have the opportunity to work Bruno, don't pass it by!"
-- AJ Jackson, MFA/MBA, entertainment industry specialist

"Branislav is an amazing Producer with an incredible eye for creativity. He is helping to launch my personal story through a film which he will produce while attending Chapman. I consider it an honor to know and work with Branislav. He has a good listening ear, clear vision and a passion for film that will indeed inspire all who watch his films. Bravo, Branislav and long live your amazing influences and interpretations!"
-- Norma Jean, SAG-AFTRA

"Bruno is well-versed in the technical and managerial requirements of producing effectively; he is seasoned and he has a real sense of humor."
-- Kiku Terasaki, producing specialist/educator

"Branislav produced and directed the video production of the two concerts that I worked with him on like a seasoned pro. His coordination of the multi-cam shoot was flawless. The final DVD of the concert was entertaining and extremely well edited."
-- Bruce Himmelblau, content producer/video specialist

"I worked under Mr Tatalovic as a cameraman for a rock concert. His direction and exceptional abillity to plan out effective visuals made it an honour to work under him. Would work anytime for a true Professional like him."
-- Kelvin Preena, director of photography

"Branislav is one of the best guys I have worked videography gigs for. He is always reliable, trustworthy, and knows exactly what he is doing and needs done."
-- Melissa Dunn, national manager at Photogenic Inc.

"Bruno was the director for a short that I was the actress in. He was very efficient and the film was great. He provided fantastic direction and had wonderful ideas. I would love to work with him again on any of his films."
-- Alicia Morley, depo-services manager (former actress)

"I had the pleasure of working under Mr Tatalovic on his live video production. He was organized and efficient. Mr Tatalovic made it easy to complete our jobs successfully. I would highly recommend his services and happily work for him on another project."
-- Greg Welch, creative director at Forever & Always Films

"I worked with Bruno on 3 different photo shoots at Chapman and everything went extremely smooth. Impressed with the organization and creativity of everyone of the set(s). Thanks again Bruno!"
-- David Pond, manager at Cisco
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