TITLE: American Woman - the Norma Jean Story 
LOGLINE: A single mother, Norma Jean - undergoes facial makeover surgery in order to fulfill her lifelong dream and defeat the past.
WRITERS: B. R. Tatalovic and Kristy Winter McCaw
GENRE: drama
CATEGORY:  spec-script inspired by true-life event
  ~ Honorable Mention at Indie Gathering IFF, 2017
  ~ Semi-finalist at Bare Bones M.F.F., 2018

TITLE: Fridden Hills
LOGLINE: In post 9/11 small-town America, a Christian boy and a Muslim girl fall in love despite their families' strict opposition and religion based feud.
WRITERS: B. R. Tatalovic and Amena Choudhury
GENRE: drama
CONTENT CATEGORY:  spec-script
  ~ Honorable Mention at Indie Gathering IFF, 2012
TITLE: Hiding in the Spotlight
LOGLINE: A teenage piano prodigy escapes the killing fields of Nazi occupied USSR and uses her talents to survive.
WRITERS: B. R. Tatalovic, Robert Graziosi, Brian E. White, Candy Dawson
GENRE: drama
CONTENT CATEGORY:  adapted from the book "Hiding in the Spotlight: A Musical Prodigy's Story of Survival, 1941-1946" (Greg Dawson, author)
  ~ Winner (1st Place) at Northern Virginia Film & Music Festival, 2018
  ~ Official Selection at Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2018
  ~ Quarter-Finalist at PAGE Awards, 2017
  ~ Winner (2nd Place) at Indie Gathering Int. Film Festival, 2016
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