Tatalovic's motion picture work dates back to 2004 and his first experimentations with 16mm celluloid film stock. Using an old Bolex Paillard H16 camera and grainy Kodak film, he creates first black and white images in motion. "Terminal Cell (216)" was created in late 2004, only few days after controversial U.S. presidential elections. Inspired by visual works of Maya Deren, Robert C. Banks, and his first film mentor Cynthia Penter, Tatalovic creates an unapologetic highly subjective take on sociopolitical climate of an early 21th century America. Mixing visual metaphors and scripted voiceovers, this semi-experimental assembly "explodes" on screen, and offers arthouse mini-ride through the mind of someone who is highly affected by our polarized world. 
The short film had its initial premiere at the Cleveland State University, followed by special screening at the Cleveland Museum of Art (FastForward Show), in 2004/05. In 2017, the film had another public show - this time at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Cleveland. 
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